Hello from ukrainians.
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7th Apr 1999

I'm 23 years old, from New York, USA.

Hi we are ukrainians. Zoreslav 23 and Marina 22.
We are merried couple.
We are from New York up State.
But we came from Kyiv, Ukraine.
Ukraine is former Soviet Union. Loceted between
Russia and Poland. May be you know olimpic
champion Oksana Bauil-she is from Ukraine.
But she is not a patriot.

>Football/soccer is the most popular
game in UKRAINE.\
Our national team
is playing very good now.
championship leader team DINAMO KYIV
the best history between
former soveit Union
Dinamo has grait europinian history.

Now we are plaing in half final
of Champion

Dynamo - Bayern - 3:3.
Goals: Shevchenko,16,43; Kosovs'kyj,50 - Tarnat,45; Effenberg,75;
Yellow cards: Luzhnyj,24 - Strunz,42; Kuffour,60.

Referee Kim Milton Nielsen (Denmark)

On the picture the best ukrainian player
Andriy Shevchenko. /Yelloow t-short/.

KYIV - capital of UKRAINE

Kyiv, a scenic city of
close to 3 million people
on the Dnipro River, is the bustling
capital of Ukraine. Ancient Kievan Rus,
which reached its greatest period of ascendancy
during the 11th and 12th centuries, was a center
of trade routes between the Baltic and
the Mediterranean. The city of Kyiv and the
power of Kievan Rus were destroyed in 1240
by Mongol invaders and the lands of Kievan Rus
were divided into principalities located
to the west and north: Galicia,
Volynia, Muscovy and later, Poland, Lithuania,
and Russia. Once a powerful force on
the European scene, Ukraine's fate
an modern times has been decided in far-off
capitals. As a result, modern Ukrainian history,
for the most part, has been defined by foreign
occupation. But after gaining the independence
by Ukraine in 1991 it significantly restored
it's political and economic weight.

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